What to expect
  • Times: Our Sunday school hour is from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m and we have classes for all ages. We have a coffee bar and a social time for about ten minutes before our worship time begins at 10:45 a.m.
  • Child Care: We provide childcare for children 0 thru pre-K during Sunday school and worship time. For children in kindergarten and up, we provide "busy boxes" to help children who are transitioning to staying with parents in the worship time.  Parents are free to keep their children with them in the worship service at any age for all or part of the service at their own discretion.  We do have a small room just outside the sanctuary for parents to use to care for small children.
  • What should I wear? You should wear whatever you feel is comfortable.  We believe God is looking on the heart and not a person's clothes.  Most of dress casually ... many folks wear jeans, while others may dress more business casual.  If you like to dress up for church, that's fine, too.
  • What is your service like? We strive to exalt God in all that we do.  We have a few times throughout the service where we take time to pray.  We pray prayers of praise to God, prayers of confession of our sins, prayers of thanks, and prayers of supplication (praying for our needs and others).  Our music is blended so that we sing some hymns that may be a hundred or more years old, and we sing new songs as well.  We try to sing songs that are faithful to the Bible and enjoyable to sing.  We do have a time of offering in which we worship God and give as each person has the ability and desire to do so.  Preaching God's word is very important to us, and our pastor aims at Bible exposition in which the meaning of the Biblical passage is explained and applied to our lives. Once a month (the first Sunday) we celebrate the Lord's Supper where we eat and drink to remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for our sins.
  • How long is your service?  Our services usually run a little over an hour, and about ten minutes longer when we celebrate the Lord's Supper.